Indoor dining

Heirloom Harvest Dinners at Pepperfield Farm

The Pepperfield Project, in collaboration with the Seed Savers Exchange, offers occasional educational heritage dinners, utilizing over 90% produce from our own garden of historic varities. We have featured ethnic cuisines including Italian, Laotian, Vietnamese, Pallestinian, Caribbean, German, Latin American, and Native American. The slow foods Ark of Taste and the most iconic heirlooms of the Seed Saver's Exchange have also been themes. Watch here for events in 2020!

Examples are these two dinner events from 2018.

Palestinian Heirloom Harvest

Palestinian Heirloom Harvest Dinner at Pepperfield

By popular demand, William Nour returns this season to prepare another family-style dinner of traditional dishes from his homeland. Willie was born in Nazareth, Palestine but moved to the US at the age of 16. Some of his favorite memories as a young boy were those he shared with his family at meal time. His mother nurtured his interest in gardening and inspired him to be the outstanding gardener and cook that he has become.

Palestine is at the crossroads of three continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa and with each successive occupation for over 2000 years- Greek Roman, Persian, Ottoman, Arab, North African- the cuisine was influenced and enriched.

This will be a family style dinner of traditional Palestinian dishes using a variety of Mideast vegetables grown especially in the Pepperfield gardens. Willie's menu this year will be entirely different than last, featuring especially the many wonderful ways Palestinian cooks stuff vegetables. You will leave happily "stuffed" as well!

Latin American Heirloom Harvest Dinner

Latin American Heirloom Harvest Dinner

Most of the New World's crops consumed around the world today- corn, beans, squash, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes-either originated or were perfected over the centuries by farmers in Central Oaxaca, Mexico, and south through Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Southern Mexico is considered the original homeland of corn, now one of the most important crops worldwide.

The dishes served in this region, so different from the "Tex-Mex" fare common in the U.S., are little known here. Our chef for this multi-course dinner is Gloria Wiest, and she plans to expand your horizons with a variety of foods from this region, featuring many wonderful Central American vegetable varieties grown specially at Pepperfield gardens.